Danish Ruby Parure

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Ingrid of Denmark, who died on this day in 2000. The Swedish Princess who became the Danish Queen Consort and the mother of Queen MargrethePrincess Benedikte, and Queen Anne Marie of Greece, to mark the occasion, we could think of no better opportunity to throughly discuss the magnificent Danish Ruby Parure, which we have talked about before, one of the jewels most associated with Queen Ingrid’s memory. Continue reading

Princess Viggo’s Opal Tiara

Today marks the 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Viggo of Denmark, who was born on this day in 1895! AN American Heiress who married a Danish Prince and posed many grand jewels, to mark the anniversary, we are taking a look at one of Princess Viggo’s jewels that had an illustrious provenance, her Opal Tiara.

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Princess Viggo’s Diamond Tiara

Sad news out of London today; Lady Elizabeth Anson, the Royal Party Planner who was the daughter of a Princess Anne of Denmark, sister of the late Lord Lichfield and the Queen’s cousin has passed away from cancer at the age of 79. While we had originally been saving to feature this Tiara to mark Lady Elizabeth’s 80th Birthday next year, we find this a fitting time to share Princess Viggo’s Diamond Tiara:

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Princess Anne of Denmark’s Tiara

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Anne of Denmark, who died on this day in 1980! The niece of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, she married and divorced Viscount Anson before marrying Prince George Valdemar of Denmark, who was closely related to the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Belgian, and Luxembourg Royal Families, Princess Anne possessed a variety of glittering jewels, the highlight of which was today’s Diamond Tiara.

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Princess Ingeborg’s Pearl Brooch

Today marks the Anniversary of the birth of Princess Ingeborg of Sweden and Denmark, who was the mother of Queen Astrid of BelgiumCrown Princess Martha of Norway, and Princess Margaretha of Denmark and is the grandmother and great-grandmother of King Harald V of NorwayKing Philippe of Belgium, and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. To mark her birthday, we are taking a look at her magnificent Pearl Brooch- Continue reading