Queen Sofia’s Diamond Flower Brooch

Happy Birthday to Queen Letizia of the Spain, who turns 49 today. Having access to the Spanish Jewellery collection, Queen Letizia has worn a variety of heirloom jewels, but she has also worn pieces from sizeable personal jewellery collection of her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, so to mark her birthday, we are taking a look at the Spanish Diamond Floral Brooch! Continue reading

Princess Grace’s Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Bracelet

Today marks the 39th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Grace of Monaco, who tragically died on this day in 1982! The famous Hollywood star who became the Monégasque consort, after marrying the sovereign Prince, Rainier III, the Princess remained a style icon to this day, playing a role in transforming the Principality of Monaco into the glamorous place we know today. To mark this occasion, we are taking a look at her Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Bracelet! Continue reading

Princess Victoria Louise’s Köchert Diamond Brooch

Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Victoria Louise, Duchess of Brunswick, who was born on this day in 1892! To mark the Anniversary of the birth of the Kaiser’s only daughter who married the Head of the House of Hanover and spent a long life at the centre of German Royal and Noble circles, we are featuring her illustrious Diamond Brooch! Continue reading

Queen Paola’s Half-Moon Earrings

Happy Birthday to Queen Paola of Belgium, who turns 84 today! The beautiful Italian Aristocrat who married the younger brother of the Belgian King. Paola eventually became the Queen Consort and is the mother of the current King of the Belgians. With one of the smallest jewellery collections among her counterparts, today we are taking a look at her Half Moon Diamond and Pearl Earrings! Continue reading

Habsburg Peridot Parure

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the death of Archduchess Isabella Hedwig Franziska Natalie, who died on this day in 1931. Born a Princess of the House of Croÿ, she married  Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen, in 1878. The couple had eight daughters and one son, who made prominent marriages within several European royal houses. To mark the day, we are taking a look at the Habsburg Peridot Parure! Continue reading

Queen Augusta Victoria’s Tiaras

Today marks the 55th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Augusta Victoria of Portugal, who died on this day in 1966! The eldest daughter of the Hohenzollern Furst and a Bourbon-Two Sicilies Princess who became the de jure Queen of Portugal, after marrying its last sovereign (and her second cousin), King Manuel II. The King and Queen lived a relatively calm and serene married life in exile, in Britain. They were unable to produce an heir to the Portuguese throne. In 1939, seven years after Manuel’s death, Augusta married Count Robert Douglas. To mark the day, we are taking a look at Queen Augusta Victoria’s Tiara Collection! Continue reading

Countess of Paris’ Action Française Tiara

Today marks the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Isabelle, Countess of Paris, who was born on this day in 1911! The Orléans-Bragança Princess married Henri, Count of Paris, becoming the “de jure” Queen of the French for most of her life, Madame possessed a splendid collection of jewels, the most prominent of which was the historic Orléans Sapphire Parure, so to mark this Anniversary, we are featuring her Mellerio Sapphire Tiara, also known as the Action Française Tiara! Continue reading

Olympic Gala in Naples, 1960

A few days ago, we featured Royals at a Gala Celebration during the 1936 Olympics, and as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics wind down, we are wearing a spectacular Ball held during the Rome Olympics. In 1960, Italy was the country responsible for the organization of the XVII Olympic Games. Although the city of Rome was the centre of everything, some sports events took place in other Italian cities. The beautiful bay of Naples hosted several, namely sailing and yachting. Continue reading

Duchess of Aosta’s Ruby Necklace

Today marks the 115th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Anne, Duchess of Aosta, who was born on this day in 1906! The daughter of Prince Jean, Duke of Guise and Princess Isabelle of Orléans, in 1927, she married her first cousin, Prince Amedeo of Savoy, the Duke of Apulia. The couple had two daughters, Princess Margherita, Archduchess of Austria-Este and Princess Maria Cristina of the Bourbon Two Sicilies, and became the Duke and Duchess of Aosta in 1931. The Duchess had a very interesting jewellery collection, which included heirloom pieces, such as the Savoy-Aosta Emerald Necklace and the Savoy-Aosta Choker Bandeau and pieces that were commissioned/bought for her, namely the Savoy-Aosta Tiara. Today, in honour of the birthday of the late Duchess, we are featuring her Ruby Demi-Parure! Continue reading