Rajwa Al Saif’s Henna Party 

Queen Rania of Jordan hosted a spectacular Henna Party for Rajwa Al Saif, the fiancee of Crown Prince Hussein, at the Madareb Bani Hashem on the evening of May 22nd, ahead of the Wedding on June 1st. Rajwa wore a traditional dress designed by Saudi designer Honayda. 

A traditional Zaffeh ceremony and Henna drawing took place to honour Rajwa Al Saif, and a specially written traditional song was performed by talented Jordanian singer Nedaa Shrara, who was accompanied by Diana Karazon and Zain Awad. The Haleem Musical Group, Al Salt Girls Band and Misk Dance Company also gave performances before Queen Rania gave a Speech, which has been described:

In her heartfelt speech, Queen Rania expressed her joy and gratitude to all those present, emphasising the significance of the day for all Jordanians. She warmly acknowledged the attendees as an integral part of their collective happiness and extended her heartfelt appreciation for their presence. The Queen spoke fondly of her aspirations for Crown Prince Al Hussein’s wedding and described Miss Rajwa as a cherished future daughter-in-law, evoking the same affection she holds for her own daughters, Princesses Iman and Salma. Her Majesty extended her blessings to the couple, wishing them a future filled with happiness and unwavering support.

Queen Rania went on to describe her son as a courageous and confident leader, embodying the spirit of his father, His Majesty King Abdullah. She commended his commitment to bringing the Jordanian people together, both in celebration and active participation in the wedding preparations.

Female members of the extended Royal Family were a part of the festivities, including Princess MunaPrincess Iman, and Princess Salma as well as Princess Sarvath, Princess Alia, Princess Miriam al-Ghazi, Princess Aisha, Princess Zein, Princess Majda Raad, Princess Dana Firas, Princess Dina Mired, Princess Fakhrelnissa Raad, Princess Sana Asem, and Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan among others.

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