Wedding of Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia and Princess Christina of Hesse, 1956

The Wedding of Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia, the younger son of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Maria of Romania, and Princess Christina of Hesse, daughter of Princess Sophie of Greece and Prince Christoph of Hesse, at Schloss Friedrichshof in Kronberg on this day in 1956. Among the Royal Guests and relatives in attendance were his mother, Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, brother, Prince Tomislav (who would marry Princess Christina’s first cousin,Princess Margarita of Baden), as well as her mother and step-father, Princess Sophie and Prince George William of Hanover.

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Prince Andrej and Princess Christina had two children; Princess Maria Tatiana and Prince Christopher, before divorcing in 1962, after she left the family to live with her lover, causing quite a big scandal, and it led to the Prince getting custody of the children on grounds of adultery, despite having had a daughter with his eventual second wife Princess Kira of Leiningen, while still married to his first. Princess Christina remarried to the artist Robert Floris van Eyck, having two more children before divorcing in 1986, and passing away in 2011. Prince Andrej remarried twice and had three more children (including one born while he was still married to Princess Christina), before committing suicide in 1990.


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  1. We rarely see anything about Prince Philip’s family. He had plenty of nieces and nephews, all first cousins of Prince Charles and his siblings, but I guess they must have really avoided public life. I think there’s a photo of the Sea Duke as Princess Christina’s godfather? This story documents one of their happy days, their marriage, but they had their troubles. They would not stay happily married for long and one of their children died in an accident quite young. Princess Christina of Hesse was very beautiful and lived a full life, but not so her ex-husband Prince Andrej. Dying by your own hand is so sad, and he was only 60 years old. Thank you for the article!

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