Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

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Today marks the anniversary of the Death of Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, who died on this day in 1961! Born Princess Maria of Romania and known as Mignon within the family, she was the second daughter of King Ferdinand of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and her siblings included King Carol II of Romania, Queen Elisabeth of Greece, and Princess Ileana. The most sweet-natured among her siblings, she was noted by her parents to be the best suited for royal life and a life of service, especially when she worked as a nurse during the First World War. In 1922, Princess Maria married King Alexander of Yugoslavia. The couple had three sons, including King Peter II of Yugoslavia, and were happily married until his assassination in 1934. Afterwards, with Yugoslavia being ruled by Regent Prince Paul, Queen Maria moved to a farm in England, where she lived an ordinary life. After the Second World, she led the post-war relief in Yugoslavia from exile; but the communists abolished the monarchy in 1945. Queen Maria died in this day in 1961, aged 61, in exile in London, initially being buried in the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore, but her remains were re-interred in Oplenac in 2013.

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