Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

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Yugoslavian Fringe Tiara

Today’s glittering Fringe Tiara, also known as Maria Alexandrovna’s Fringe Tiara, was a Romanov Wedding Gift that went from Russia to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Romania, Yugoslavia, and eventually was sold in exile. As always, click on the underlined / highlighted links to get to the post about a person / tiara / or event. Continue reading

Boucheron Diamond Tiara

Today’s stunning diamond tiara was worn for official portraits, controversial state visits, and events by three illustrious princesses from Russia, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Liechtenstein, who wore this piece throughout the 20th century, but it was eventually sold. As always, click on the underlined / highlighted links to get to the post about a person / tiara / or event.
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Wedding of Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris

Greek socialites Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris got married at the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sophia in London on February 4th. Two Kings, four Queens, six Crown Princes and Princesses, and twelve Princes and Princesses from British, Dutch, Spanish, Iranian, Greek , Luxembourgish, and Yugoslavian royals families were in attendance. Several Royal children served as members of the bridal party. Continue reading

Wedding of Prince Mihailo of Yugoslavia

The religious wedding of Prince Mihailo of Yugoslavia to Ljubica Ljubisavljevic took place on October 23rd at St George’s Church in Oplenac, central Serbia. The couple were married in a civil ceremony in London. Prince Mihailo is a cousin of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, the current pretender to the former Yugoslavian throne. The reception was held at the White Palace, residence of Crown Prince Alexander, in Belgrade. Continue reading

Yugoslavian Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara

This glittering Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara was worn by a series of women that spent their lives in exile. Princess Nicholas of Greece spent parts of her life exiled from Russia and Greece due to politics. Her daughter, Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, was exiled with her husband after the Allies took-over Yugoslavia during WWII. Her daughter-in-law, Princess Maria-Pia, was exiled from her native Italy at an early age. The diamond-set motif is filled with filigree motifs and diamond clusters, as well as detachable diamond clusters. We are using the name: Yugoslavian Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara, because there is no known name of this peace, and because it was worn mostly by Princess Paul of Yugoslavia. Continue reading