Princess Margarita of Baden

Embed from Getty Images

Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Margarita of Baden and Yugoslavia, who was born on this day in 1932! The eldest child and only daughter of the Margrave of Baden and Princess Theodora of Greece, she was the eldest niece of the Duke of Edinburgh. After growing up in Germany, she moved to London and trained as a nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital. In 1957, she married Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, the younger brother of King Peter II, at Schloss Salem. Prince Tomislav and Princess Margarita had two children, Prince Nikola and Princess Katarina, settling in the United Kingdom and running a fruit farm in Sussex until their divorce in 1981. Princess Margarita continued to reside in London, supported Serbian charities, and became the President of the Convent of Martha and Mary in Moscow. She was also present at British, like the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch, and Serbian Royal events, hosted by her nephew Crown Prince Alexander, and became the senior living direct line female descendant of Queen Victoria in 2007. Princess Margarita passed away in 2013, after a long illness.



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