Crown Princess Margareta’s Egyptian Necklace 

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Princess Lilian of Sweden, who died on this day in 2013! The Welsh Actress who waited 30 years to marry her Swedish Prince and became a beloved member of the Swedish Royal Family, Princess Lilian possessed an amazing collection of jewels and to mark the anniversary, we are taking a look at Crown Princess Margareta’s Egyptian Necklace.

A wedding gift to Princess Margaret of Connaught from King Gustav V and Queen Victoria of Sweden when she married the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden in 1907, the necklace features five rows of pearls with emerald, ruby, and sapphire cabochon scarabs each topped by a diamond ‘m‘, which was inspired by the couple’s engagement in Egypt. After her early death in 1920, Crown Princess Margareta’s Egyptian Necklace was inherited by her son, Prince Bertil.

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While Princess Lilian wore a Crown Princess Margretha’s Laurel Wreath Tiara while she was only Prince Bertil’s partner, she only started wearing the Egyptian Necklace after her wedding in 1976, and it was worn quite frequently well into her old age, often with the Laurel Wreath Tiara and the Baden Fringe Tiara at the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony. After Princess Lilian’s death, Crown Princess Margretha’s Egyptian Necklace was inherited by Queen Silvia, though she has yet to publicly wear it. Let’s hope we see this unique and beautiful piece sometime soon, preferably at the Nobel Prizes or even at the upcoming 80th Birthday of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, who is a granddaughter of Crown Princess Margretha.


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  1. This necklace is lovely and its provenance is impeccable. However, I think the style is difficult to wear with modern clothes. But if anyone can get it done is Queen Sylvia! I think that a beautiful embroidered dress with a high neckline would be perfect for it!

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