Wedding of Crown Prince Carol of Romania and Princess Helen of Greece, 1921

The Wedding of Crown Prince Carol of Romania, eldest son of King Ferdinand of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and Princess Helen of Greece, eldest daughter of King Constantine I of Greece and Princess Sophie of Prussia (wearing the Romanian Greek Key Tiara), at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens on this day in 1921, just days after the wedding of their siblings King George II of Greece and Princess Elisabeth of Romania in Bucharest. The couple had one son, King Michael, before their divorce in 1927, when Carol renounced his right to the Throne in favour of his son, only to return a few years into King Michael’s reign and become King for 10 years until his abdication, when Queen Helen returned and remained with King Michael until and after his abdication.


One thought on “Wedding of Crown Prince Carol of Romania and Princess Helen of Greece, 1921

  1. The Kingdom of Romania was not only short-lived, but also quite convoluted with abdications, restorations, and more abdications. When I see the Romanian Greek tiara used here in its original form I understand why it’s so wonky when worn by Margareta, the Custodian of the Crown. I’ve no doubt now that it’s articulated and needs the backing it has here as part of a kokoshnik to be able to stand up properly. I wonder if Margareta has ever considered putting the tiara back in its original configuration or at least give it a proper backing.

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