Swedish Processional Necklace 

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Queen Victoria of Sweden, who died on this day in 1930! Born Princess Viktoria of Baden, she brought a plethora of jewels into the Swedish Royal Family when she married the future King Gustav V of Sweden in 1881, including today’s Swedish Processional Necklace!

Baden Fringe Tiara | Pearl Corsage Brooch | Diamond Stars | Swedish Processional Necklace

Known as the ‘intågssmycket’ in Swedish, this spectacular necklace composed of pale blue Ceylon sapphires, pearls, and diamonds set in gold was a gift to the newlywed Crown Princess Victoria, to be worn on her procession into the city of Stockholm after her Wedding to Crown Prince Gustav. The necklace was likely a gift from the Swedish people who called Princess Viktoria “The Vasa Princess”, because of her descent from the old Vasa dynasty.

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However, Queen Victoria does not seem to have been pictured in the spectacular Processional Necklace, and the earliest pictures of the piece being worn date from the 1950s, when it was worn by her daughter-in-law, Queen Louise, for a variety of events, almost always with the Baden Fringe Tiara, including for a Banquet at Royal Naval College in Greenwich in 1955, and a Gala Performance in Stockholm in 1956.

The Processional Necklace has also been worn by other members of the Royal Family, including Princess Christina, who has worn it with the Baden Fringe Tiara and also for King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Wedding Gala in 1976, Princess Désirée, and Princess Lilian.

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Queen Silvia has worn the Processional Necklace occasionally over the years, most often with the Connaught Diamond Tiara, including for the Swedish State Visit to Japan in 2007 and on a State Visit to The Netherlands in 2009.

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The Baden Fringe Tiara has become Crown Princess Victoria’s trademark Tiara and has been paired with the Processional Necklace for the Swedish State Visit to Finland in 2003 and the Nobel Prize Ceremony in 2006. The Necklace was also worn to the King’s Dinner for Nobel Laureates in 2010.

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Princess Madeleine has also worn the Processional Necklace paired with the Modern Fringe Tiara for the Nobel Prize Ceremony in 2008 and with the Connaught Diamond Tiara for the Wedding of her sister, Crown Princess Victoria, in 2010. There is no doubt we will continue to see this spectacular Heirloom for years to come!

Baden Fringe Tiara | Pearl Corsage Brooch | Diamond Stars | Swedish Processional Necklace


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  1. Golly! This is one amazing necklace! This one, together with Princess Caroline’s Cartier cabochon sapphire necklace, and Queen Alexandrine’s Sapphire necklace that Queen Margrethe wears, are the three most excellent sapphire necklaces ever! Delicate and unique it looks good on everyone.

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