Wedding of Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and Princess Margaret of Connaught, 1905

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The Wedding of Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, son of King Gustav V of Sweden and Princess Victoria of Baden, and Princess Margaret of Connaught, daughter of the Duke of Connaught and Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia, at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on this day in 1905. The couple had five children, including Queen Ingrid of Denmark, Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten, and Prince Bertil of Sweden, and remained happily married until her tragic death in 1920. Crown Prince Gustaf remarried in 1923, to her cousin, Lady Louise Mountbatten.

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Royal Guests and Relatives included the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Sweden (wearing the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara), the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra (in the George IV State Diadem) of the United Kingdom, King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine of Denmark, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Baden, Crown Prince Constantine and Crown Princess Sophia of Greece, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Khedive of Egypt, and the Prince and Princess of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Among the gifts received by the bride were the Connaught Diamond Tiara, the Khedive of Egypt Tiara, and the King Edward VII Ruby Tiara.


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  1. Note: if you father is Gustav V, you would be Gustav VI Adolf rather than Gustav IV Adolf as you have written in this article. The numbers go up with succeeding generations.

  2. Ah! That rare thing, a dynastic marriage for love! Sometimes the royals get it right and this was one of those times. I think it’s so sad that she died so young, and her first born had that same destiny as well! It was fortunate that the future king Gustaf VI Adolf married someone his children liked because they were rather young when Crown Princess Margaret died. You can tell she was greatly missed as her wedding veil and tiara have become heirlooms for her female descendants.

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