Queen Juliana’s Inauguration Gala, 1948

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The finale of Queen Juliana’s lavish Inauguration Celebrations was a glittering Gala Performance in Amsterdam for the new Queen and Foreign royal guests on this day in 1948. From L-R: Crown Princess Martha of Norway (wearing Queen Josefina’s Diamond Tiara), then Hereditary Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (in the Order of the Netherlands Lion) , Princess Margaret (wearing the Halo Scroll Tiara), then Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden (in the Order of the Netherlands Lion) , Queen Elisabeth of Belgium (wearing her Cartier Bandeau Tiara), Queen Juliana (wearing the Stuart Tiara and Parure), Prince Bernhard (in the Order of the Netherlands Lion) , then Crown Prince Louise of Sweden ( in the 9-Prong Tiara), then Crown Prince Olav of Norway (in the Order of the Netherlands Lion), and Princess Margretha of Denmark (in her Floral Tiara).

Inauguration of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands | Inauguration Pagent and Banquet

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