Secrets of the Royal Kitchen

The Documentary; Secrets of the Royal Kitchen, features Former Royal Chef Graham Newbould who worked a a chef to the Queen and the Prince & Princess of Wales in the 1980s. The programme includes recipes of the Queen’s “comfort food”, as well as the cuisine served on the Royal Yacht Britannia and at Balmoral Castle. 

In the first part of the Documentary, general rules of the cuisine of the Royal Household are explained. A recipe for a royal version of fish & chips, Haddock Saint-Germaine, is shown as well asa meal for the Queen’s welsh corgis.

In the second part, Chef Graham Newbould reminisces about his time spent on the Royal Yacht Britannia. He prepares rack of lamb, cauliflower DuBarry, and plum ice cream.

In the third part of the programme, the Royal dining practices at Balmoral are explained, as well as a guide on how the Queen’s fish and sausages are prepared. Chef Graham Newbould cooks croutons with poached eggs, Merlan en colere, and Fillet of poached salmon.

In the final part, Graham Newbould remembers his time with the Prince & Princess of Wales. He cooks baked jacket potatoes, a favorite of the Princess, as well as recreating their famous 1981 Wedding breakfast, which included quenelles of brille with lobster sauce, lamb stuffed chicken breast, and strawberries & cream.

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This is the first of a new ‘Documentary’ series on The Royal Watcher, please comment below on your feedback!

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