Princess Anne’s Diamond Bow Brooch

Happy Birthday to Zara Tindall, who turns 42 today! The late Queen’s only female-line granddaughter who is an accomplished equestrian and an Olympic Silver Medalist, Zara has not worn many Royal Heirlooms, though she debuted a specular jewel at the Coronation earlier this month: Princess Anne’s Diamond Bow Brooch!

Princess Andrew’s Meander Tiara | Princess Anne’s Diamond Bow Brooch | Princess Anne’s Diamond Earrings

When Princess Anne was marrying Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, she received she spectacular Wedding Gifts, including Cartier Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara from the Queen Mother, and this striking Diamond Bow Brooch with two diamond tassel pendants, from her elder brother, the then Prince of Wales. 

It took a few years for Princess Anne to begin wearing her Diamond Bow Brooch, with an early appearance at the Charity Cabaret Show at The Talk of The Town in London in 1976, and a few years later on a visit to Paris in 1980.

By the late 1980s, the Diamond Bow Brooch had became part of a married Parure worn by Princess Anne with her Festoon Tiara, a gift in 1973, and her Diamond Festoon Necklace, an 18th-Birthday gift from the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, being notably worn for the Spanish State Visit to Britain in 1986. 

In the following years, Princess Anne continued to wear her Diamond Bow Brooch for a variety of royal occasions, including the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Dinner at Windsor Castle in 2002, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa’s Silver Anniversary in 2006, and the French State Visit to Britain in 2008.

More recently, Princess Anne has worn her Diamond Bow Brooch with the Diamond Festoon Necklace for a series of Official Portraits, as well as for the Guildhall Banquet held during the Spanish State Visit to Britain in 2017 and the Queen’s Commonwealth Dinner at Buckingham Palace held the following year.

Earlier this month, Princess Anne loaned her Diamond Bow Brooch to her only daughter, Zara Tindall, to wear at the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, a fitting tribute to the King who purchased the Brooch 50 years ago. Lets hope we continue to see this spectacular Royal Heirloom for years to come! 


Princess Andrew’s Meander Tiara | Princess Anne’s Diamond Bow Brooch | Princess Anne’s Diamond Earrings | Aquamarine Pine Flower Tiara | Festoon Necklace | Princess Anne’s Top 7 Jewels


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