Details of the Wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria

Details have been announced for the Wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, future Head of the House of Wittelsbach, and Sophie-Alexandra Evekink at the Theatinerkirche (St. Kajetan) in Munich on May 20th, to be followed by a Reception at Schloss Nymphenburg. 

The religious wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Ms Sophie Evekink will take place in Munich (Germany) on Saturday 20 May at 10 am at the Theatiner Church (St. Kajetan, Odeonsplatz), followed by a reception hosted for the couple by Duke Franz of Bavaria at Schloss Nymphenburg. Prince Ludwig is, after Duke Max in Bavaria and Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, in line as future head of the Bavarian family.

Additional Details have been released of the Wedding:

  • The Religious Wedding Ceremony will be officiated by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, at the Theatinerkirche (St. Kajetan) in Munich. The couple got married in a Civil Ceremony at Schloss Kaltenberg in December 2022.
  • Following the Wedding Ceremony, there will be a Reception hosted by the Duke of Bavaria, the Head of the House of Wittelsbach, at Schloss Nymphenburg. The couple will cut the cake, which is inspired by the classic Prince Regent cake and was made by Café Luitpold, and all guests will receive a commemorative badge.
  • In the evening, a White tie and Tiara Ball will be held at Schloss Schleißheim.  Michelin star chef, Jan Hartwig, has created a regional, organic, and ecological menu, while heirloom figures from Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg will be part of the table decoration.

The couple’s wedding arrangements will reflect the family’s strong desire to include regional elements throughout the celebration, including through traditional delegations across Bavaria taking part in the ceremony and the church, as well as through incorporating local food and drinks.

Duke Franz and the bridal couple are also mindful of the number of global crises which have taken place in the recent period. In particular, they are aware that the cruel war of aggression against Ukraine is likely to continue into the summer of 2023. As a result, for the wedding the fiancées have, instead of presents, encouraged a call for donations towards such humanitarian initiatives. 

Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, born in 1982, is the eldest son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Luitpold of Bavaria. He studied law in Göttingen, where he specialised in human rights and international humanitarian law. 

At the request of Duke Franz of Bavaria, Ludwig took on a large number of representative and honorary tasks in Bavaria. Since 2011 he has been, among other things, a board member of the Nymphenburg Aid Association and overseen its projects in Africa. Since 2014, Ludwig has spent much of his time in rural Kenya, where he has founded several non-profit organisations with partners, the Learning Lions and the Start Up Lions and other local charities.

Sophie-Alexandra Evekink, born 1989, is a Dutch and Canadian national. She previously worked for the United Nations on health and human rights and is currently researching for her doctorate at the Law Faculty at Oxford University, where she also has taught on transitional justice at the Criminology Centre. 

In the preparations for the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Miss Sophie-Alexandra Evekink, tradition and regionality are the main focus in the selection of partners and companies.

This was also the case for the wedding cake, which was baked at Cafe Luitpold by the head of the bakery, Sabrina Gebhardt, together with master confectioner Albert Ziegler. The café itself looks back on a long history: “It has existed since 1888 and got its name from Luitpold, Prince Regent of #Bavaria, which we have been allowed to use ever since,” says Stephan Meier, master baker and manager of Cafe Luitpold since 2009.

As a tribute, the wedding cake will be a Prince #Regent cake, which will be interpreted in a modern way with pistachios sprinkled inside, to add some green elements. The cake will be covered in white and light blue, representing the Bavarian colours, but also inspired by the Nymphenburg porcelain designs, as a connection to Prince Ludwig’s family. The cake is deliberately not large or overdone, but rather a symbol of the connection between the bridal couple

On 20th of May, Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Ms Sophie-Alexandra Evekink will exchange vows in St. Kajetan (Theatinerkirche). Especially important to the couple in planning the wedding are regional partners and companies that support them in the preparations.

This also applies to the floral arrangements: the florist has been working closely with the family for over 25 years and thus has a long-standing connection to HausBayern.

The flowers themselves are all about the Bavarian colours: White and blue. Dutch flowers such as tulips (one of Mrs Evekink’s countries of origin) and peonies are also used, as are lilies of the valley, the bride’s favourite flowers.



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