Queen Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee Banquet

Following last night’s Gala Performance at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, the Service at Copenhagen Cathedral and Lunch on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, Royal Guests and Relatives joined the Danish Royal Family for a Banquet at Christiansborg Palace in the evening of September 11th.

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Following the arrival of the Royal Family and Guests, the Royal Family greeted each and every guest, before the Procession into the Hall of the Knights, where Queen Margrethe began with a Speech:

When I welcome this evening to this gala table at Christiansborg, it is not without sadness. On Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain passed away. It makes a big impression on us. I would therefore like to ask everyone to stand and with me observe a minute’s silence in respect of Queen Elizabeth and her long work.

(One minute silence) — THANK YOU

In this room, we are surrounded by Denmark’s history depicted in festive colors based on the many regents, famous as well as overlooked, who have stood for our country for more than a thousand years.

In pleasure and in need, in prosperity as well as adversity, they have taken on the duty and the challenge which has at all times become their and Denmark’s destiny.

It has now been 50 years since I joined this long line – to the same commitment and to the same responsibility – but I have always felt a sincere joy and gratitude at my deed, supported by the entire Danish people, by the Faroese people and of the Greenlandic people.

I was not born for this role. My world and my future changed course with the constitutional amendment in 1953. In my young years it was my father, King Frederik, who always supported me and believed that I would probably make it when that day came. In the following many years, my husband Prince Henrik stood by my side – with love and support. I also had the pleasure for more than 25 years of having my mother, Queen Ingrid, as an inspiration and example.

Frederik and Mary, Joachim and Mary! The four of you are my constant support and joy both here at home and abroad, with everything that happens to you and in everything that you do, and as the good and loving parents of my eight grandchildren. Today, a big thank you must be said for your responsible and diligent efforts.

Christiansborg is the seat of the Government and Folketing and of the country’s highest court, the Supreme Court. The close cooperation throughout all these years has always been based on trust and characterized by mutual respect, and therefore it is on my mind at this gala dinner to be able to express my heartfelt thanks.

No nation in the world is as close to each other as the Nordics. That is why I have been looking forward to welcoming King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, to King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, to Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and Mrs. Jenni Haukio and to Iceland’s President Guðni Jóhannesson and Mrs. Eliza Reid.

There are many of us gathered here in the Riddersalen at Christiansborg. My welcome extends to all, both here and beyond the whole country, indeed throughout the kingdom, with my sincere thanks for the warm attention which I have experienced, not only in connection with my jubilee, but also during all these years.

A warm welcome to all!

Crown Prince Frederik also gave a Speech:

Dear mother

In 1953, with the support of the Danes, you became heir to the throne and then Queen of all Denmark in 1972.

From then on you took the helm of a kingdom that you had come to know from its shores. Because you walked ashore more than drove around as a child. If there was a port, you also knew the town behind it. And you were strong from the start like your father. It should prove valuable with the fate of the Kingdom resting on your shoulders. Because it really is a bit like steering a ship.

It is about being able to read wind and current conditions.
It’s about knowing your vessel and your crew.
It’s about finding your footing on the open sea.

If anyone, you have stayed the course.

Not just by staring straight ahead, but by orienting yourself in what has been covered. You have probably remembered that the past contains the seeds for understanding the present. You have not only taken an interest in our history, but as the wise person you are, you have cherished it as a decisive starting point for entering the future giftedly.

But let me get back to being sea strong. Because you stand when others kneel in high seas. You have the courage to replace the ship with a dog sled when the sea is frozen over. And it takes more than a little wind to shake you. Maybe because you have sailor blood in your veins. Maybe because you stand firm and cherish your roots. Maybe because you’ve let yourself be led by something bigger.

You are a versatile person. Your skills are broad. And your desire for knowledge and your sense of adventure have taken you far and wide. As captain, you have met the world with interest, openness and a steady gaze. From heads of state to royalty to artists. Even when you met The King himself many years ago, Mr. Elvis Presley, you did it in usual unimpressed style.

You are yourself without being yourself enough and meet people sincerely, curiously and enthusiastically. In other words, you have not let the cap obscure the view. So to say.

A lifetime of sailing will offer both choppy waters and rough seas. It cannot be avoided. Only a few days ago you lost a close friend on the other side of the North Sea. A confidential support over many years. That’s the way of life.

Despite the vagaries of the sea, you stand strong on the bridge, you have a vision and you steer tirelessly towards new adventures and destinations. But at milestones like today, we also feel the special joy of looking for our own port, it’s like having Kronborg on the starboard side.

Sea or port, second in command reports ship and crew ready. The machine is lubricated. Morale is high.

And may I add; commander and deputy commander form a particularly excellent team. An inspired pair race with width and a number of years behind it. So many that you can be sure that when the time comes, I will steer the ship forward with what we have shared as ballast. I will carry it forward with honor, with care and with an eye that the stars will always shine and guide me as they have guided you and others before us.

The two of us have always complemented each other.

You are a woman. I am a man.
You paint. I exercise.
You dig for finds from the past. I buried myself in order not to be detected during my time in the defense.
You create images. I form partnerships.
You swing the fine brush. I got under the big beam.
You master the word. I miss it sometimes.
You are into classic. I’m into rock.
You are strong. I inherited that. And thank God for that.

For the ship, we share it, it is our responsibility. I follow you as you followed your father and as Christian will follow me. In this way, our lives overlap – fortunately – but you alone have the helm. The command has only one owner on the bridge between generations with the same mission.

So you can be sure that I, as your second-in-command, stand right behind you. Loyal and full of respect for the journey you have taken and continue to take us all on.

I will ask everyone to rise and join me in proclaiming a ninefold life for the boss, our queen.

Her Majesty, long live!

Queen Margrethe II (wearing her Pearl Poiré Tiara, Khedive of Egypt Parure and Pearl Poire Brooch) was joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary (in the Danish Ruby Parure) as well as Prince Joachim and Princess Marie (wearing Princess Dagmar’s Diamond Floral Tiara)

Foreign Royal Guests and Relatives were led by King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway (in the Norwegian Emerald Parure) and King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden (wearing Queen Sofia’s 9-Prong Tiara) alongside the Presidents and First Ladies of Finland and Iceland.

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (in the Greek Emerald Parure), Princess Benedikte (wearing the Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg Fringe Tiara and Queen Alexandrine’s Diamond Sautoir). Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie of Rosenborg (in Queen Alexandrine’s Fringe Tiara) were also present. 


Golden Jubilee Gala | Golden Jubilee Service | Celebrations in January | Golden Jubilee Schedule 


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