Wedding of Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan and Princess Miriam of Bulgaria


Princess Miriam of Bulgaria, Dowager Princess of Tarnovo, the widow of Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, married Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, son of the late Prince Muhammad bin Talal of Jordan in Amman on September 3rd, in the presence of King Abdullah II, Prince Hassan, and Prince Talal. 

The Royal Hashemite Court extends its sincere congratulations to His Majesty on this occasion, and wishes Their Royal Highnesses Prince Ghazi and Princess Miriam Ghazi a lifetime of happiness.

Prince Ghazi has four children from his marriage to Areej Zawawi, while Princess Miriam, who is a jewelry designer and the daughter-in-law of Tsar Simeon II and Tsaritsa Margarita, has two sons: Prince Boris, the Prince of Tarnovo, and Prince Beltrán, from her marriage to the late Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, who passed away after years in a coma. The three visited his memorial on the River Jordan the previous day to mark the Princess’ Birthday.


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  1. I’m very glad that Miriam, Dowager Princess of Turnovo, has found love. She suffered greatly with the accident, sequels, and later death of her first husband, the Prince of Turnovo. She comported herself admirably , giving her late husband all the love and support he needed. She continued raising their two sons by herself and now, they are both adults. It is so good that seven years after Prince Kardam’s lamented death, she will be able to enjoy her life with her new husband. I wish them joy!

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