Tsaritsa Margarita of Bulgaria

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Happy Birthday to Tsaritsa Margarita of Bulgaria, who turns 83 today! The daughter of Spanish Aristocrats who were executed during the Spanish Civil War, she grew up with family members around Europe, notably in Spain and France. In 1962, Doña Margarita Gómez-Acebo y Cejuela married Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria in Lausanne, after which they resided in Spain. The Tsar and Tsaritsa have five children and eleven grandchildren. Following the fall of the communist regime, they returned to Bulgaria, where the Tsar formed a political party and served as Prime Minister of Bulgaria until 2005. Tsar Simeon and Queen Margarita now reside at his boyhood home Vrana Palace in Sofia. I wish HM a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

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