Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria

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Happy Birthday to Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, who turns 80 today. The only son of Tsar Boris II of Bulgaria and Princess Giovanna of Italy, he became Tsar in 1943, after his father died in mysterious circumstances after a meeting with Hitler, in which he refused to deport Jews. In 1946, the monarchy was overthrown, and the family moved to Egypt, to live with his maternal grandfather, King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. Eventually settling in Spain, Tsar Simeon was educated in the United States. In 1962, he married Spanish aristocrat Doña Margarita Gómez-Acebo y Cejuela. The couple have five children. Following the fall of the communist regime, Tsar Simeon and Queen Margarita returned to Bulgaria in 1996. In 2001, he formed a political party and served as Prime Minister of Bulgaria until 2005. Tsar Simeon and Queen Margarita reside at his boyhood home Vrana Palace in Sofia.

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