Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia’s Girandole Earrings

Today marks the centenary of the birth of Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, who was born on this day in 1921! The posthumous daughter of

In 1944, Queen Elizabeth gave these magnificent Diamond

My fingers fumbled and shook as I broke the royal seal on the inner packet. Again a gold-edged, small leather case tantalised me but still I tried to guess what was inside. 

“Oh, Sandra, open it,” begged Mummie, unable to bear my delay any longer. I opened it to see the red and blue flashing star points of diamonds–diamond earrings, each a beautiful solitaire with a cascading drop pendant of smaller perfect stones. They were “

To Sandra, with my best wishes and love, Aunt Elizabeth.” “Put them on, darling.” It was Peter now, anxious to see them. Reverently I lifted the lovely things from their velvet and fastened them to my ears. Their pendants flashed and glowed as I moved my head. They were the loveliest jewels I had ever had. And I was touched beyond words, not only by their mag. nificence, but even more by the fact that Aunt Elizabeth had noticed that I usually wore drop carings, and that I did not have my ears pierced. These fastened with small screws, and she had obviously taken great care to give me something of the style and design I most liked. 

“Oh,” I said to Mummie and Peter, “I must wear these on my wedding day.”

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Queen Alexandra was filmed wearing the

After wearing the earrings for a few more events, at some point in the late 1940s or the early 1950s, the Diamond

I kept only the treble row of cultured pearls and the new emeralds he had given me, the simple gold bracelet clipping with one pearl and one diamond which I had worn since childhood, when Amama had given it to me, and the diamond earrings which the Queen of England, Aunt Elizabeth, had given me as a wedding present, which later were stolen.


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