Grand Duchess Maria Theresa’s Diamond Rosettes

Happy Birthday to Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg, who turns 63 today! The Cuban aristocrats who is the Consort of the world’s only Grand Duchy, the Grand Duchess has access to one of the largest Royal Jewellery collections. However, to mark her birthday, we are featuring her versatile Diamond Rosettes, which were worn for one very momentous occasion.

Featuring a single diamond surrounded a a diamond surrounded petal, the five Rosettes were first worn by the then Hereditary Grand Duchess Maria Theresa for a Ball ahead of a German Royal Wedding in the 1980s, with three Diamond Rosettes affixed to a Tiara, and two as earrings. Given their modern design, the Rosettes are thought to be contemporary pieces rather than heirlooms, probably a gift.

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In 1997, she wore three of the Diamond Rosettes on a plain gold necklace, as well as two Rosettes as earrings, at the Wedding of Infanta Cristina of Spain and Iñaki Urdangarin in 1997.

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The most important appearance of the Diamond Rosettes was for the Accession of Grand Duke Henri in 2000, wearing the pieces as she became the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, paired with the Sash and Star of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau worn for the first time. They were later worn for King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia’s Silver Anniversary in 2001 Since then, the Diamond Rosettes haven’t been publicly worn, but given their versatile and sentimental qualities, we have no doubt they hold a special place in the Grand Duchess’ heart.


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  1. The Grand Duchess is a very compassionate and intelligent woman who supports causes affecting the health and safety of women throughout the world. As well, she appears to be vivacious and fun-loving. She fills her role extremely well. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday wished to the Grand Duchess! This set of earrings and necklace is really beautiful. It’s simple and elegant, with enough bling to be worn to a grand gala.

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