Queen Sophia’s Diamond Bracelet Bandeau

Happy Birthday to Princess Astrid of Norway, who turns 87 today! The middle child and second daughter of King Olav V of Norway and Princess Martha of Sweden, elder sister of King Harald, who served as ‘First Lady’ for her grandfather and father, the Princess has an illustrious Jewellery Collection, including today’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara-

Made by K. Andersson, the Swedish Court Jeweller for Queen Sophia of Sweden, the geometric diamond bracelet was notably worn in a series of portraits in 1884. After her death, the bracelet went to her eldest son, King Gustaf V, though the piece wasn’t pictured on his wife, Queen Victoria.

In 1929, King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria gave Queen Sophia’s Diamond Bracelet, as a Bandeau, as a Wedding Gift to their niece Princess Martha, a granddaughter of Queen Sophia, who was marring Crown Prince Olav of Norway. Crown Princess Martha wore the piece as a Bandeau most notably at a Gala in Brussels and during her 1939 Tour of the United States. She also wore the piece as a bracelet, paired with Queen Josefina’s Diamond Tiara.Crown Princess Martha loaned Queen Sophia’s Diamond Bracelet Bandeau to her sister, Queen Astrid of Belgium, for a Gala in Brussels in 1934, right around the time she became Queen.

Crown Princess Martha tragically passed away from cancer in 1954, and the Tiara was left unworn until her children divided up the family jewels in 1968, after all of them had gotten married. Queen Sophia’s Diamond Bracelet Bandeau went to Princess Astrid, who seems to prefer her other Tiaras, and has worn this piece only once, when asked why she never wore it, she explained that the way it should be worn “is not my style”.

However, unlike Princess Astrid’s other Tiaras, Queen Sophia’s Diamond Bracelet Bandeau has been loaned to her daughters and daughters-in-law, most notably for King Harald’s 50th Birthday and King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th Birthday Banquet. While Queen Alexandra’s Turquoise Circlet and the Vifte Tiara will go back to the main Royal Family when Princess Astrid passes away (hopefully far in the future), she has stated that this piece, along with her Gold and Aigrette Tiaras, will be inherited by her children.



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  1. I hoped this would go back to the main line of the family. I am sure it could be slightly altered and be successfully mounted on a frame. Oh, well.

    (And also; I think you meant to write that the Vasa tiara will go back to the main line, the Vifte tiara is already there)

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