Funeral of Queen Frederica of Greece, 1981

The Funeral of Queen Frederica of Greece in the Royal Cemetery of the Tatoi Palace near Athens on this day in 1981, following a Service in Madrid. The Greek Royal Family, who had been in exile since 1967, were only allowed to return to Greece for five hours for the Funeral, being granted permission due to diplomatic pressure from her son-in-law, King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Royal Attendees included King Constantine II (son) and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (daughter-in-law), Queen Sofia (daughter) and King Juan Carlos of Spain (son-in-law), Princess Irene of Greece (daughter), Crown Prince Pavlos, Crown Prince Felipe, Princess Alexia, Infanta Elena, Prince Nikolaos, Infanta Cristina (grandchildren), the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Prince Henrik of DenmarkPrincess Sophie of Greece and Hanover (sister-in-law) and Prince George William of Hanover (brother), Lady Katherine Brandram (sister-in-law), and Princess Eugenie of Greece.


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  1. In Spain there are not such title as princess but for the first born, know as Princess or Prince of Asturias (now is Leonor), instead they are called Infantas

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