Empress Masako of Japan

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Happy Birthday to Empress Masako of Japan! The daughter of diplomat Hisashi Owada and Yumiko Egashira, she was born in Tokyo as the eldest of three sisters. Growing up in Russia and the United States, she was educated in Japan and the US, worked for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and can speak six languages. In 1993, after refusing his proposal numerous times, she married Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan. The Crown Princess had a miscarriage before giving birth to Princess Aiko, her only child, who is unable to succeeded to the throne. In 2002, it was announced that she was suffering from an adjustment disorder caused by the pressure to produce a male heir and other pressure imposed by the Imperial Household Agency. After several years out of the public eye, recently, Crown Princess Masako began to reemerge in the public, undertaking more and more duties. After Emperor Akihito’s abdication in April 2019, she became the Empress of Japan, and was enthroned in October. I wish HM a very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns!

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4 thoughts on “Empress Masako of Japan

  1. I’m so glad that the Crown Princess has found equilibrium and contentment at last. I can’t even begin to understand the pressure she must have felt to produce a male heir, as if that was something you could determine at whim. I wish her much joy on her birthday!

  2. Masako’s adjustment disorder was announced in 2004. She and CP Naruhito made an official visit to New Zealand and Australia in 2002 and she was still performing public duties in 2003 until a bout of shingles. While I wish the government would let Emperor Akihito abdicate earlier and let him enjoy retirement sooner, I can’t deny waiting until May 2019 is a benefit for Masako’s health. Wishing her continued good health and joy.

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