Queen Mathilde receives German Sustainability Award

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Queen Mathilde of Belgium received the Honorary National German Sustainability Award, for her years of dedication and personal contribution to the debate on sustainable development and her commitment to social and humanitarian projects, at an award ceremony in in Düsseldorf on December 8th, where she also gave a speech. As a UN advocate for the sustainable development goals, Queen Mathilde focuses on the most vulnerable, stressing the importance of quality education and good healthcare, including mental health.

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Queen Mathilde wore a pink evening gown with the Wolfers Necklace (worn as a necklace for the first time, as opposed to being worn as a Tiara). Queen Fabiola’s Pearl and Diamond Earrings, and a diamond bracelet.

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4 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde receives German Sustainability Award

  1. Queen Mathilde looked very excellent in her sleek fuscia gown and the Wolfers tiara as a necklace. She was also wearing Queen Fabiola’s earrings, which remind me- she has still to wear Queen Fabiola’s Spanish Gift Tiara! Hmmm…..I wonder when that’s going to happen. I hope soon!

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    1. I know! She will be on a State Visit to my country next year, and if they come to my city, that will be the only question I will ask her- “ when will you wear the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara? and Queen Fabiola’s Aquamarines?” 😂


  2. You’d be asking the questions on behalf of a lot of us, that’s for sure!!! Queen Fabiola had such an excellent collection of aquas. I really hope all those treasures found their way into Queen Mathilde’s jewelry box and that she takes them out for a spin pronto! 🙂

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