Empress Michiko’s Chrysanthemum Earrings

Happy Birthday to Empress Emerita Michiko of Japan, who turns 86 today! The first commoner to marry into the Japanese Imperial Family, the elegant Empress has worn a variety of jewels over the past 60 years, including today’s piece, her Diamond Chrysanthemum Earrings-

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Featuring a modern diamond cluster in the shape of a Chrysanthemum, a symbol of the Japanese Monarchy, the earrings are an heirloom of the Japanese Crown and possibly have an older provenance than Empress Michiko, who started wearing them in the 1990s. Notable occasions include the Japanese State Visit to Japan and the Japanese State Visit to Denmark in 1998, the Japanese State Visit to Sweden in 2000, and the Norwegian State Visit to Japan in 2001. The Diamond Chrysanthemum Earrings were almost always paired with the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara and a plethora of Diamond Chrysanthemum Brooches.

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The Chrysanthemum Earrings were on the list of jewellery passed on from Empress Michiko to Empress Masako, and were worn most notably at Emperor Naruhito’s Enthronement Banquet last year. We had hoped that Empress Masako would wear the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara at events this year, and pair these earrings with it, but lets hope we see them worn again soon.


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