Jordanian Royal Tiaras

Happy Birthday to Queen Rania of Jordan, who turns 47 today! As one of the most public Middle Eastern Consorts, she frequently attends glittering events, despite having a small tiara collection. In honour of her Birthday, we are featuring the Jordanian Royal Tiaras:

Boucheron Bracelet Tiara

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This simple tiara, composed of three drop diamonds dangling from a swirl that joins two rows of diamonds, was created by Boucheron for Queen Rania in 2010. Some famous appearances include the 10th Anniversary of King Abdullah’s Succession in 2009, the Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010, and the Jordanian State Visit to Belgium last year.

Queen Alia’s Cartier Tiara

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Made by Cartier, this stunning tiara was a gift from King Hussein of Jordan to his third wife, Queen Alia, who tragically died in a helicopter crash in 1977. The tiara was inherited by her daughter, Princess Haya (now consort of the Sheikh of Dubai), who has loaned it frequently to Queen Rania, including for the accession of King Abdullah in 1999, many State Visits, and quite a few Official Portraits. Princess Haya has worn the Cartier Tiara many times for portraits in recent years, though not for any royal events. UPDATE: It is likely that Princess Haya left the Tiara in Dubai when she fled her marriage, but she will receive £20m for her jewellery that was left behind in her £554m divorce settlement from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Diamond Tiara

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In 2001, Queen Rania wore this diamond tiara, of modern design, for multiple events during the Jordanian State Visit to Britain and an Official Portrait. The Tiara was most likely borrowed and hasn’t been seen since.

Arabic Script Tiara

Created by FRED in 2005, this modern tiara, featuring an Arabic Script Motif, was worn by Queen Rania at the State Banquet during the Jordanian State Visit to the Netherlands and in an official portrait. It is unknown if this tiara was a loan, or if it belongs to Queen Rania.

Boucheron Emerald Tiara

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This ivy motif tiara, composed of emeralds set in black gold, was made by Boucheron in 2003. Queen Rania has borrowed the piece twice, for a State Visit to Sweden in 2006 and for an official portrait.

Queen Noor’s Tiara

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Composed of diamond sunbursts, this tiara was a gift from King Hussein of Jordan to his forth wife, Queen Noor, who modified the original piece. It was worn for almost all of Queen Noor’s tiara appearances, but hasn’t been seen since King Hussein’s death in 1999.

Princess Sarvath’s Diamond Tiara

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For many years, Princess Sarvath’s husband, Prince Hussein, was the Crown Prince of Jordan. Thus, the couple have close relations to most European Royal Families, and are the regular representatives at glittering events abroad. This diamond tiara, worn at Crown Princess Victoria’s 2010 wedding and the pre-wedding ball of the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 2012, was also worn by her daughter, Princess Badiya, for her wedding in 2005.

Princess Sarvath’s Floral Tiara

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Princess Sarvath (who, interestingly, is a neighbor of my grandparents) also owns a diamond floral tiara, worn at the King of Sweden’s 60th Birthday and at Queen Beatrix’s Abdication dinner. The floral tiara has also been worn by her daughter-in-law, Princess Zeina, for her wedding in 2011.

Princess Rym Ali’s Tiara

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Princess Rym Ali, sister-in-law of Queen Rania and Princess Haya, also owns a tiara- this gold and diamond piece which is influenced by Middle Eastern design. Princess Rym Ali wore her tiara at the King of Sweden’s 60th Birthday and Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding.

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  1. Of all the Jordanian tiaras, my favorite is Queen Alia’s Cartier tiara. I think it has such a unique design and it frames the face beautifully. Though I must say that Queen Noor’s tiara comes in as a very close second!

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