Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood

Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood
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Wedding of Princess Alexandra of Kent

Happy Anniversary to Princess Alexandra of Kent, who got married to the Hon. Angus Ogilvy on this day in 1963 at Westminster Abbey. The only daughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece, Princess Alexandra is the only paternal female cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Alexandra and the later Sir Angus had two children, and were married until his death in 2004. Take a look below at scenes from the wedding- Continue reading

Royals at London Marathon

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry cheered on runners at the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon as part of their Heads Together Campaign on April 23rd. There have been events throughout the week, leading up to the Marathon. Click HERE for Prince Harry’s Podcast, HERE for the Duke of Cambridge and Lady Gaga’s FaceTime Conversation, HERE for the Duchess of Cambridge hosting Marathon Runners, HERE to see the Royal Trio opening the Global Academy, HERE to listen to their conversation on Heads Together, and HERE to see the Duke and Duchess at BBC Radio 1. Continue reading

Queen Beatrix’s 60th Birthday

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will celebrate his 50th Birthday on April 27th. Though the royal family will be in Tilburg on the 27th, they are hosting a Gala Dinner Royal Palace in Amsterdam for 150 guests. In honour of the occasion, we are flashing back to previous Dutch royal milestone birthdays. Today’s feature- Queen Beatrix’s 60th Birthday in January 1998. Celebrated over two days, the events were attended by many foreign royals. Take a look below at some of the guests- Continue reading