Habsburg Royal Orders

Happy Birthday to Archduke Karl von Habsburg, who turns 58 today! The Grandson of the last Emperor and Empress of Austria-Hungary, and the Head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, Archduke Karl is the Sovereign of the Dynastic Orders of the former Holy Roman Empire, Austria and Hungary, which we are featuring today. Continue reading


Bulgarian Royal Orders

Happy Birthday to Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria, who turns 81 today! As many other deposed Royal Families do, the Bulgarians continue to wear some orders that were awarded by the Monarch up to 1946, when the monarchy in Bulgaria was abolished. Today we take a look at the ones we see the most!

This article has been written by fellow Royal Watcher and a twitter friend, Gabriel Aquino, who has also written about the Dutch Royal OrdersSwedish Royal Orders, and Greek Royal Orders Continue reading