Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, Prince of Naples

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Happy Birthday to Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, Prince of Naples, who turns 80 today. Born in 1937 the only son of King Umberto II and Queen Marie Jose of Italy, the young prince was exiled from Italy at a young age and spent his childhood between Switzerland and Portugal. In 1971, in Tehran, the Prince of Naples married Swiss heiress and water-skier Marina Ricolfi Doria, his girlfriend for over 11 years.The couple have one son, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Prince of Venice, who in 2003 married French Actress Clotilde Courau, and has two daughters of his own. In December 2002, the Prince and Princess of Naples, along with the Prince of Venice were allowed to return to Italy, for the Prince the first time since 1946. Since the death of King Umberto in 1983, the Prince of Naples is the titular King of Italy as Head of the House of Savoy. The Prince and Princess of Naples currently reside in Geneva. I wish HRH Many Happy Returns alongside the Princess of Naples who celebrates her 82nd Birthday today.

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    is there a mailing address or email address for Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples , or to contact the Royal houses of Savoy ,
    thank you .
    The Honorable
    Timothy Peter
    Del Medico Staffetti Le Froy
    Count of Carrara
    Prince of Savoy
    Of Windisch-Graetz
    Of the
    Grand Dutchy of Tuscany…

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