Japanese Imperial Orders

Happy Birthday to Emperor Akihito of Japan, who turns 85 today! Continuing our Royal Orders series, we are featuring the Honours awarded by the 125th Emperor of the world’s oldest reigning dynasty, who will be abdicating in 2019.
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Thai Royal Orders

Happy Birthday to King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand, who turns 66 today! The only son of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, he succeeded to the Thai Throne in 2016, after his father’s reign of over 70 years. In honour of his birthday, we are taking a look at the Thai Royal Orders- Continue reading

Bulgarian Royal Orders

Happy Birthday to Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria, who turns 81 today! As many other deposed Royal Families do, the Bulgarians continue to wear some orders that were awarded by the Monarch up to 1946, when the monarchy in Bulgaria was abolished. Today we take a look at the ones we see the most!

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Belgian Royal Orders

Happy Birthday to King Philippe of the Belgians, who turns 58 today! We are launching a new series of articles on the Royal Watcher, following on the success of Royal Tiaras articles last year, we are now going to be featuring Royal Orders and Honours, helping you understand the history and significance of the honours and insignia. First off, the Belgian Royal Orders in honour of King Philippe’s birthday! Continue reading