Royalty Reimagined: Embracing Your Enthusiasm for Monarchy

“I hope royalty continues forever. This is the thing that can contribute to peace throughout the world.” – Yayoi Kusama. The royal families around the world have a unique allure, capturing the fascination of many people around the world. From across continents and cultures, millions are enamored with royalty–– from following their news reports to admiring iconic pictures. So, what makes them so engaging? Here’s why people fancy the life of royals:

The Psychology Behind People’s Fascination with Royalty

The grandeur of royal life is no secret. Monarchies are associated with luxury, wealth, and glamor – these could be some elements that heavily draw in people. HuffPost states that ancient ancestry from former kingships definitely plays to the imagination of those looking to escape into the past centuries, where challenge and victory tales get etched on marble stones forever. With film stars and sports icons, it’s not surprising at one point, the Royals joined this list, too. Princes visiting Dubai while being documented and newspapers committing duel pages proclaiming weddings shocks – all intrigue public opinion and interest. Lastly, there is unattainability. It’s quite something that most people don’t share the same lineage nor can-be-elected to royal status, so royals appear like a sealed bubble of prisms. This lends a high curiosity factor, as the average citizen cannot imitate them by some means and only continues to fantasize.

How Movies, TV Shows and Games Embrace Royals

There are many movies and TV shows that depict the life of royals, be they Kings, Queens, Duke, Duchess or others. Collider highlights that the Crown series is an award-winning Netflix series that follows Queen Elizabeth II from her coronation in 1952 through to more recent years. Meanwhile, The Private Lives Of Elizabeth and Essex – released back in 1939 – chronicles the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I ​and the Earl of Essex. For those wishing for period drama, they needn’t look further than 1968’s ‘The Lion In Winter,’ which stars Katharine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine with Peter O’Toole playing King Henry II opposite her. There is also the 2010 thought-provoking movie about King George VI’s struggle with his stutter, titled ‘The King’s Speech,’ which starred Colin Firth, who was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor. Lastly, the movie titled ‘The Tudors’ depicts Henry VIII during his reign and his relationship with his many wives

If you have a love of royalty and the adventures that come along with it, there are even more ways than ever to enjoy this passion. Today’s video games allow you to take on the roles of kings and queens in ambitiously immersive worlds. Modern gaming is a treasure trove of vivid, expansive worlds where you can don the crown and cloak of kings and queens. These games brilliantly encapsulate the pageantry and valor, intrigue and strategy that weave the tapestry of a royal narrative.

No matter what kind or style of royalty roleplay games catches your fantasy, today’s options offer several immersive experiences that tap into centuries old traditions enjoyed around the world since the times of Kings and Queens.

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