Today in Royal History | September 3


The 80th Birthday of Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia

The Birth of Archduchess Maria Immakulata Raineria of Austria 

[Württemberg Ruby Tiara]

The Birth of Queen Olga of Greece in 1851

[Emerald Parure | Greek Ruby Parure | Turquoise Parure | Diamond Rivière | Pearl Brooch | Russian Sapphire Brooch]


The Wedding of Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan and Princess Miriam of Bulgaria in 2022

The Wedding of Count Charles-Henri d’Udekem d’Acoz in 2022

The Wedding of Prince August-Frederik of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg in 2022

The Wedding of Prince Paul Aleksandrovich Chavchavadze and Princess Nina Georgievna of Russia in 1922

Royal Events OTD

Braemar Gathering in 2016

Braemar Games in 1989

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in Venice in 1967

Olympic Gala in Naples in 1960

The Bal du Siècle in Venice in 1951

The King’s Speech in 1939

The Funeral of Queen Astrid of Belgium in 1935

Royal Events Today

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  1. Princess Grace of Monaco looked ravishing at a Costume Ball for the benefit of Venetian artisans hard hit by the floods of the previous winter, in Venice on this day in 1967

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