Württemberg Royal Tiaras

Duchess Sophie von Württemberg, the eldest daughter of Duke Philipp von Württemberg and Duchess Marie Caroline of Bavaria will marry Maximilien d’Andigné in a religious ceremony at Schloss Tegernsee in Bavaria tomorrow, and while she has worn a pearl and emerald choker that was a wedding gift from her Württemberg grandparents at the civil wedding in Altshausen, she will have the the pick of the magnificent collections of two of the most prominent German Royal Families, and thus today, we will be taking a look at the Württemberg Royal Tiaras, while tomorrow will be the turn of the Bavarian Royal Tiaras.

Sapphire Tiara

The ‘Big Gun’ Tiara of the Württemberg Collection, the Sapphire Parure consists of a large Sapphire and Diamond Floral Tiara, cluster Necklace, large pendant Earrings, and a massive Sapphire Brooch. In the family for generations, the parure was notably worn by Archduchess Rosa of Austria-Tuscany, the mother of the current Duke of Württemberg, at the Wedding Gala of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sofia of Greece in 1962. The current Duchess, Diane, née Princess of Orleans, has worn the Sapphire Parure for the grandest of occasions, including the Wedding Balls of her eldest son, Duke Friedrich, in 1993 and of Duchess Sophie’s parents in 1991.

Diamond Scroll Tiara

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The grand Württemberg Diamond Scroll Tiara is the designated Wedding Tiara of the Duchesses of Württemberg. It was worn by Princess Diane of Orleans when she married Duke Carl of Württemberg in 1960, and by Princess Marie zu Wied when she married Duke Friedrich in 1993.

Small Diamond Tiara

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The ‘Small’ Württemberg Diamond Tiara is the designated Bridal Tiara for the others brides of the family, including Duchess Marie-Thérèse when she married the Count of Paris in 1957 and more recently, Duchess Fleur when she married Count Moritz von Goëss in 2003. The Tiara was also worn by Princess Marie zu Wied at her Pre-Wedding Ball ahead of her marriage to Duke Friedrich in 1993. UPDATE- This was the Tiara chosen by Duchess Sophie for her Wedding.

Ruby Tiara

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Here is another Württemberg Royal Piece: the Ruby Parure ▫️ Originally from the Collection of Archduchess Maria Immaculata, this is said to be the work of Köchert. Maria married Duke Robert of Württemberg and this may have been a wedding gift but it was definitely among the wedding presents from a second Württemberg union: the one from Princess Diana to Carl, Duke of Württemberg in 1960▫️ Daughter to the Count of Paris, Diana most famously wore the parure during her pre wedding gala, when she decided to take Tiara off the frame and wear it upside down, low across her forehead (picture 3) ▫️ You may not know but Württemberg went from a County in 1268, to a Duchy in 1495 until it became a Kingdom in 1805. Though Kings ruled the small German State for only 113 years, the Kingdom of Württemberg had amazing jewels. Some of the jewels were kept by the state and other were taken by the family, which still own several magnificent pieces and hold the title Dukes of Württemberg ▫️ To check more royal jewelry and the history behind them, follow my hashtag #royaljewelsbyzulg 😉

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Originally worn by Archduchess Maria Immakulata of Austria around the time of her marriage to Duke Robert of Württemberg in 1900, the Ruby and Diamond Parure consisting of a Tiara, Necklace, Brooch and Earrings, was made by the Imperial and Royal Court Jeweller Köchert in Vienna. In 1960, the Archduchess presented the Parure as a wedding gift to Princess Diane of Orleans when she married her great-nephew, Duke Carl of Württemberg. Duchess Diane has worn the Ruby Parure in various configurations, at a variety of events included her Pre-Wedding Ball and the Wedding Gala of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sofia of Greece. According to Vincent Meylan, the Parure now belongs to Duke Philippe of Württemberg, and was worn by his wife, Duchess Marie Caroline, at Duchess Sophie’s Wedding Ball.

Emerald Floral Tiara

Duchess Diane has also worn an antique Emerald and Diamond Floral Tiara, which also includes a variety of cabochon emerald drops, which can be worn as earrings or suspended from a necklace, as they were worn in a portrait in the 1970s. This is by no means all of the Tiaras of the Württemberg collection. Dowager Hereditary Princess Marie has worn a Diamond Star Tiara recently, and they also own a small diamond spike tiara


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