Wedding of the Earl of Dartmouth and Raine Mccorquodale, 1948

The Wedding of Gerald Legge, the son of the Chief Constable of Berkshire and the future 9th Earl of Dartmouth, and Raine Mccorquodale, daughter of Dame Barbara Cartland, at St. Margaret’s Church in Westminster on this day in 1948, followed by a Reception at Londonderry House in London.

Guests from among the English Aristocracy included Earl and Countess Mountbatten with their daughter Baroness Brabourne, while Lady Pamela Mountbatten was in the bridal party.

The couple became Viscount and Viscountess Lewisham in 1958, before he succeeded as the Earl of Dartmouth in 1962. The Earl and Countess had four children, including the current Earl of Dartmouth and the Duchess of Carcaci, before their divorce in 1976. Known as the ‘Triple Countess’, she married the 8th Earl Spencer, father of Diana, Princess of Wales, and later Count Jean-François Pineton de Chambrun.


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