Engagement of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, 1963

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Following the announcement of the Engagement of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark in Copenhagen, the Greek and Danish Royal Families travelled to Athens for the Ceremonies to mark the Engagement on this day in 1963, which included a photo-call at the Royal Palace of Athens, a Car Ride through the streets of Athens and a photo-call at the Tatoi Palace. 

“Your Majesties, the King and the Queen are extremely happy to announce the happy engagement of their beloved son, A.V.Y. of Crown Prince Constantine, after A.V.Y. of Princess Anne-Maria, daughter of A.A.M.M. of the King and Queen of Denmark”.

The Grand Courtier, Mr. Dimitrios Levidis, on January 24, 1963, read to the journalists who had been invited to the Palace this little extraordinary announcement of the Court with which the official announcement of the engagements was made. At the same time the artillery of Lycabettus saluted this joyous event with 21 shots.

Four days later, on January 28, Crown Prince Konstantinos and Princess Anna-Maria, accompanied by King Frederik, Queen Ingrid and Crown Princess Margarita of Denmark, depart from Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport bound for Ellinikos Airport in Athena. The Danish royals were the first to appear on the staircase and began to descend. Then Anna-Maria appeared and next to her the successor Konstantinos.

With the end of the official events of their engagement, Anna-Maria returned to her duties as a student at her school and Konstantinos to his duties as successor. The learning of the Greek language and ancient and modern Greek Culture was added to her courses. Konstantinos went as often as he could to meet her in her country because she herself could not come to Greece because of her studies. They appeared together at King Frederik’s birthday where once again the Danish people showed their love wholeheartedly.

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Earlier that month, after the Greek New Year’s Reception, the Greek Royal Family had been joined by the Spanish Royal Family to celebrate King Paul and Queen Frederica’s Silver Wedding Anniversary, all just weeks ahead of the Greek Monarchy Centenary Celebrations.

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The couple got married in 1964, just months after his sudden accession to the Greek Throne. King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie have five children and now reside back in Greece, after over forty years in exile. UPDATE: King Constantine passed away earlier this month.


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