Archduchess Eilika’s Aquamarine Pendant

Happy Birthday to Archduchess Eilika of Austria, who turns 50 today! The Oldenburg Duchess married to the younger brother of the Head of the House of Habsburg, who is the Hungarian Ambassador to France, Archduchess Eilika has many opportunities to wear grand jewels, but her most prominent piece is this spectacular Aquamarine Pendant.

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But first lets, learn about Archduchess Eilika! The daughter of Duke Hohann of Oldenburg and Countess Ilka of Ortenburg, Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg is a granddaughter of the last Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg and was the 794th-in-line to the British Throne at birth.  In 1997, Duchess Eilika married Archduke Georg von Habsburg, second son of Archduke Otto and Archduchess Regina von Habsburg, in a grand ceremony in Budapest. The couple have three children: Archduchess Sophie, Archduchess Ilka and Archduke Károly-Konstantin and reside near the near the village of Šoškút in Hungary. The President of Red Cross in Hungary, Archduke Georg was Hungary’s Ambassador extraordinary to the European Parliament and in 2020, was named Hungary’s Ambassador to France, so the family have now moved to Paris. We wish HIH a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!

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A spectacular massive Aquamarine surrounded by an octagonal diamond frame suspended from a seed pearl mesh choker, this pendant likely dates from the early 1900s, and it probably an heirloom of the Oldenburg Royal Family. The piece first made an appearance in 1997, when Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg wore the piece for a Gala held in Budapest on the eve of her wedding to Archduke Georg von Habsburg.

Archduchess Eilika wore the splendid Aquamarine Pendant again in 2011, for the Wedding Ball of the Prince of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg in Potsdam. As the wife of the Hungarian Ambassador to France, Archduchess Eilika will have a few occasions to wear the Pendant again, including in November, when her daughter, Archduchess Sofia, will take part in Le Bal in Paris, so lets hope this spectacular jewel makes another appearance soon!


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