Jewels of Princess Henriette of Auersperg

Today marks the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of the late Princess Henriette of Auersperg, aka Hetti von Bohlen and Halbach, who was born on this day in 1933! The illustrious Austrian Aristocrat who had a marriage of convenience with Arndt von Bohlen und Halbach, the last Heir of the Krupp Dynasty and lived a fascinating jet-set lifestyle between Schloss Blühnbach in Austria, a House in Palm Beach and a Villa in Marrakesh, we are using the opportunity to feature the splendid Jewels of Princess Henriette, some of which have recently appeared at Auction.

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Archduchess Yolande’s Tiara

Happy Birthday to Archduchess Yolande of Austria, who turns 100 today! The Ligne Princess who married the fourth son and fifth child of Emperor Charles I and Empress Zita of Austria, and is the mother-in-law of the Luxembourg Princess, Archduchess Yolande has led a long an illustrious life, so today we are featuring her striking Tiara!

UPDATE: Archduchess Yolande passed away at the age of 100 in Brussels in September 2023.

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Arco-Zinneberg Sapphire Earrings

Happy Birthday to Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg, the Princess Napoléon, who turns 35 today! The illustrious Countess, a descendent of the Habsburg, Savoys, and Wittelsbachs, married to the Head of the House of Bonaparte, Princess Napoléon wears an enormous Diamond Engagement ring from Empress Eugénie, which was dramatically stolen and recovered, and since we have already covered the Savoy-Aosta Choker/Bandeau Tiara, today gives us the perfect opportunity to feature the Arco-Zinneberg Sapphire Earrings! 

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