Dutch State Visit to Austria

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of The Netherlands are on a State Visit to the Republic of Austria form June 27th to the 29th, at the invitation of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. The theme of the visit is sustainable mobility, connected society and cultural exchange, highlighting the strong ties and boosting relations between the two countries. The last Dutch State Visit to Austria was in 1962. Continue reading

Archduchess Helene’s Diamond Necklace Tiara 

Happy Birthday to Archduchess Helen of Austria, who celebrates her 85th Birthday today! Born the illustrious Countess Helen zu Toerring-Jettenbach, she married an Austrian Archduke and is quite prominent in European Royal Circles. We have already featured Archduchess Helen’s splendid Vladimir Fringe Tiara, so today we are focusing on a less well-known piece, her Diamond Necklace Tiara!

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Princess de Réthy’s Köchert Emerald Brooch

Today marks the 105th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Lilian of Belgium, Princess of Réthy, who was born on this day in 1916! The commoner who controversially married the widowed King Leopold III of Belgium in house arrest during the Second World War, Princess Lilian was the beloved stepmother to Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte of Luxembourg, King Baudouin and King Albert II of Belgium, and as the First lady, but not Queen of Belgium, for almost two decades, possessed a spectacular Jewellery Collection, which included this Köchert Emerald Brooch! Continue reading