Queen Máxima’s 50th Birthday Interview

Queen Máxima of The Netherlands has given an interview to Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in her office at Huis ten Bosch Palace on the occasion of her Fiftieth Birthday, which was broadcast yesterday. The Queen talked about her marriage, children, the suicide of her late sister, her official duties and work as the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, and also addressed recent controversies, in the rare interview, similar to one given by the King for his 50th Birthday.

If you speak Dutch, you can see the Interview in its entirety above, and if you are watching on google chrome, you can watch the interview HERE and the subtitles should auto-translate to English. You can also read english captions in the clips below, and look through the main points of the interview HERE.

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  1. And may she live for at least another 50 years!! Obviously I do not know the Dutch Queen, but she does come across as a very genuine and interesting person. And of course, I just adore her way with jewels – she can pull off almost anything – be it grand historical or modern pieces.

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