Queen Máxima’s Top 5 Jewels

Happy Birthday to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who is celebrating her 50th Birthday today! Over the past five days, we have been featuring her Top 5 Jewels in the days leading up to her Birthday, highlighting the splendid Royal Heirlooms and the Spectacular Modern Acquisitions in the massive collection of the exuberant Dutch Queen!

The Dutch Diamond Stars

Queen Máxima’s Tutti Frutti Necklace

Queen Máxima’s Garnet Tassel Earrings

Queen Máxima’s Diamond Swirl Brooches

Queen Máxima’s Tanzanite Suite

Some more Jewels!

The Dutch Royal Tiaras |  Dutch Royal Jewels 

Ruby Flower EarringsQueen Wilhelmina’s Diamond Trellis NecklaceQueen Emma’s Sapphire Bow Brooch | Dutch Borneo Parure | The Dutch East Indies Bracelet

Queen Máxima’s 50th Birthday Concert


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