Horse Racing – A Royal Sport

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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to humanity. Its early forms can be spotted hundreds of years ago. Since then, the sport has managed to grow a lot and become one of the most recognizable in the world.

In the UK, horse racing is now even considered a royal sport. With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some famous horse racing events and take a closer look at the influence that this sport has these days. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the details.

The Influence of Horse Racing

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The fact that horse racing is a royal sport tells you of its influence. Not only that, but it managed to influence many other areas, with the biggest one being the online gambling industry. As you may know, horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on.

Not only that, but some research has also shown that the fans of this sport are also fans of accessing and playing online casino games. That is the reason why many of the world’s most reputable game providers started supplying these platforms with tons of horse racing games. You can find them in the Virtual Sports category at some sites, but the most commonly horse racing-themed games are slots.

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They are by far the most popular casino games and the beauty in them is that they are very diverse and come in different layouts. Horse racing is a common theme and many online casinos feature them. Casimba online slots even utilize the latest technology and can be accessed from all mobile and desktop devices. All you have to remember is to play the games for entertainment purposes only.

Now, let’s check out the best horse racing events.

Royal Ascot

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Right off the bat, we have one of the events that have a very close relationship with the Royal Family. The Royal Ascot race takes place in Ascot, Berkshire, England. This event is held every June and the beauty in it is that the Queen attends it often. Not only that, but you can also see a lot of Royal members and other celebrities here as the meet is one of the most prestigious in the UK. The Royal Ascot is held on the Ascot racecourse.

Cheltenham Festival

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Next up, we have arguably the most popular horse racing festival in the world. Cheltenham Festival lasts for four days and it includes several Grade I Thoroughbred races. Some of the most notable races in this festival are the Champion Hurdle, the Queen Mother Champion Chase, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, and the Stayer’s Hurdle. Due to the fact that it coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, you can see a lot of Irish visitors here. The total prize pool is second only to the Grand National.

The Grand National

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Speak of the devil, the final entry on the list is the most famous race in the world. The Grand National is held in the in Liverpool, on the racecourse called Aintree. It was inaugurated back in 1839 and this is a handicap steeplechase race. The total prize purse exceeds £700,000.

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