Queen Mathilde’s Diamond Scroll Earrings

Happy Birthday to Queen Mathilde of Belgium, who turns 48 today! With one of the smallest jewellery collections among her European counterparts, Queen Mathilde is frequently seen in just a few limited pieces, from which we are featuring her Diamond Scroll Earrings today!

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Around 2003, the then Crown Princess Mathilde received a pair of Diamond Scroll Earrings made of diamonds and cognac diamonds (which can reportedly be swapped with Emeralds) in an ‘E’ shape from her husband, Crown Prince Philippe, which were bought at Court Jeweller Leysen in Brussels. It’s possible that they were a gift for the birth of Princess ‘E’lisabeth, now the Duchess of Brabant, which would make them a perfect loan for the Princess who has begun to wear a few royal jewels recently.

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The first appearences of the Diamond Scroll Earrings came during the Norwegian State Visit to Belgium in 2003, and they quickly became favourites of the then Crown Princess Mathilde, being worn for a plethora of Galas and Banquets, as well as the Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in 2004 and King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Diamond Jubilee Reception in 2006.

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Since becoming Queen in 2013, the Diamond Scroll Earrings continue to be favourites, being worn for a variety of events, including the Wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg in 2012 and the Belgian State Visit to Japan in 2016, when they were paired with the Wolfers Necklace Tiara. While Queen Mathilde has been adding new pieces into her jewellery box, like her Diamond Fringe Earrings, there is no doubt the Diamond Scroll Earrings will continue to be worn for years to come!


Queen Mathilde

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