Queen Margrethe’s Daisy Brooch

This week, Queen Margrethe of Denmark will celebrate her 80th Birthday and while the big celebrations to mark the day have been cancelled, we are still continuing with our series on her Top 8 Jewels to mark her 80th Birthday, ending with Queen Margrethe’s Daisy Brooch

In 1935, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden commissioned a Brooch in the shape of a Daisy as a wedding gift for his only daughter, Princess Ingrid, when she married the future King Frederik IX of Denmark. The diamonds in the Brooch came from his late wife, Crown Princess Margareta, and the design echoed her nickname ‘Daisy’, which is also the national flower of Denmark.

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Princess Ingrid wore her new Daisy Brooch for the first time on her wedding day and a few days later on her entry to Copenhagen. She wore it for the Christening of her eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margretha, in 1940 and also for the Christening of Crown Prince Frederik in 1968. The Diamond Daisy Brooch remained a significant jewel in her jewellery box, making a sentimental symbol on significant occasions well into her old age.

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After loaning the brooch to the then Crown Princess for her wedding in 1967, Queen Ingrid gave her Diamond Daisy Brooch to her eldest daughter, a namesake of her late mother also called ‘Daisy’, as a gift to mark her 60th Birthday in 2000. Queen Margrethe described receiving the Brooch in the ‘De Kongelige Juveler’ Documentary:

When I was sixty, on my birthday, my mother had just turned ninety. She gave me the daisy brooch, which I must say, I was extremely touched, to be given it like that. Well, it’s a brooch which means a great lot to me, first because it was my mother’s, and then again because I wore it for my wedding, and then I was given it the way I was given it like that, when I was sixty. That was very special.”

Queen Margrethe has worn the Diamond Daisy Brooch for important occasions, like her big birthday celebrations, the Christening of her grandson, Prince Christian, in 2006, and also Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday in 2018. We had expected to see the Brooch during Queen Margrethe’s 80th Birthday celebrations, but lets hope we get to see it again soon!

UPDATE- Queen Margrethe wore the Daisy Brooch in the first of a series of portraits being released to mark her 80th Birthday!


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