King Fuad II of Egypt

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Happy Birthday to King Fuad II of Egypt and Sudan, who turns 68 today! The only son of King Farouk of Egypt and Narriman Sadek (who he had married after divorcing Queen Farida for not having sons), he ascended the throne on 26 July 1952 upon the abdication of his father, King Farouk, following the 1952 Egyptian revolution in 1952, at the age of six months. The baby King Fuad left Egypt with with his family in exile, and was represented by the Council of Regency headed by Prince Muhammad Abdel Moneim in his absence, but the King reigned for less than a year until 18 June 1953, when Egypt was declared a republic, making him the 11th and last monarch of the Muhammad Ali dynasty, which had ruled Egypt and Sudan) since 1805. King Fuad grew up in Switzerland, and later moved to Paris before returning to Lake Geneva. In 1976, King Fuad married Dominique-France Loeb-Picard, who became Queen Fadila, at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, and the couple had three children before their divorce in 1996. In the 1970s, the former King’s Egyptian citizenship was restored, and he now maintains a holiday home in his former Kingdom. I wish HM a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!


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