Wedding of King Farouk of Egypt, 1951


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Wedding of King Farouk of Egypt and the 17 year-old Narriman Sadek at the Abdeen Palace in Cairo on this day in 1951. The lavish wedding was held at a tumultous time for the Egyptian Monarchy, and this was the King’s second marriage, after he divorced his first Queen when the match failed to produce a son. Queen Narriman gave birth to a son the following year, who succeeded to the Throne just months later, after the forced abdication of King Farouk, ruling for a a year before the abolition of the Monarchy. King Farouk and Queen Narriman divorced in 1954.


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  1. Wow!That is a magnificent wedding dress! The new queen was very beautiful. That’s the equally beautiful Princess Fawiza (formerly Queen of Iran) standing next to her in many photos. When I was a little girl in the 50’s, these Egyptian personalities were much talked about. I had two dolls, one Farouk and another Fawiza, named after them!

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