Duchess of York’s Ruby Suite

Happy Birthday to Sarah, Duchess of York, who turns 60 today! A former daughter-in-law of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, who has continued to be a prominent society figure, she still retains much of the jewellery from her days as a member of the Royal Family. To mark her birthday, we are taking a look at her Saudi Ruby Demi-Parure. 

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In 1986, the Duchess of York received a ruby and diamond suite featuring a serpent-like necklace and coordinating earrings, reportedly as a wedding gift from the Saudi Royal Family, similar to how her sister-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales, received her Saudi Sapphire Suite. The Duchess notably wore the Suite with her Diamond Tiara for an Official Dinner during her first Official Tour of Canada in 1987.

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The Duchess wore her Saudi Ruby Suite at a Gala Performance at the Royal Opera House in 1987, as well as a Royal Flying Doctors Service Dinner in Australia in 1990. It is thought that the suite remains, like her Tiara and Diamond Suite, with the Duchess after her divorce, but unlike the other pieces, has not been publicly worn for decades. With Princess Beatrice’s engagement recently announced, let’s hope we see the suite before too long.


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