Duke and Duchess of York in Canada, 1987

Canada is celebrating their 150th Anniversary of Confederation on July 1st. The British Royal Family is also the Royal Family of Canada, and the country holds a special significance as the place most visited by the Queen. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be in attendance at a few events celebrating the event. In the run up to July 1st, we are covering previous Royal Tours of Canada. Take a look below at scenes from the Duke and Duchess of York’s Royal Tour of Canada in 1987-

On July 15th, the Duke and Duchess of York arrived in Toronto at the start of their 25-day tour. They attended the official welcome ceremony, which included reviewing the guard, a parade, and a walkabout.

On July 16th, The Duke and Duchess visited the town of Thunder Bay, where they went canoeing on the Thelon river. In the evening, Ontario Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander hosted a State Dinner at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto for the Duke and Duchess.

On July 17th, the Duke and Duchess of York had a series of engagements in the town of York, and in the evening, they attended a concert.

On July 18th, the Duke and Duchess of York had a series of engagements in Ontario, which included a visit to the famous Niagara Falls.

On July 19th, the Duke and Duchess attended the Queen’s Plate at the Woodbine Racetrack. Later, the couple visited the town of Cobourg for the 150th Anniversary.

On July 22nd, the Duke and Duchess were in Winnipeg to visit the visit Saint Boniface General Hospital Research Centre.

On July 23rd, the Duke and Duchess wore cowboy hats and apparel on a visit to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

On July 24th, the Duke and Duchess donned Klondike Costume for a visit to Fort Edmonton. In the evening, the couple attended an official dinner, during which the Duchess teasingly attempted to strangle her husband.

The rest of the tour took place in the Northwest Territories, which included a canoe trip and a visit to a mine.

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