Wedding Ball of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sophia of Greece, 1962

The Wedding Ball of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain (wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Redeemer, and Order of Saints George and Constantine) and Princess Sophia of Greece (in the Mellerio Shell Tiara, Floral Necklace, and the Order of Saints Olga and Sophia) at the Royal Palace of Athens on this day in 1962, on the eve of their Wedding. The couple succeeded to the Spanish Throne in 1975, reigning until his abdication in 2014.

King Paul and Queen Frederica (wearing the Ruby Parure Tiara) and the Count and Countess of Barcelona (in the Queen Maria Christina’s Cartier Loop Tiara) were followed by Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain (wearing the Cartier Diamond and Pearl Tiara), Queen Juliana (in the Sapphire Tiara) and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, King Olav V of Norway, Queen Ingrid of Denmark (wearing the Ruby Parure Tiara), King Umberto II and Queen Marie-Jose of Italy (in Queen Margherita’s Diamond Wreath Tiara and her Sapphire Necklace), Prince Franz Josef II and Princess Gina of Liechtenstein (wearing the Hapsburg Fringe Tiara and her Sapphire Parure), Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco (in the Small Diamond Tiara), King Michael, Queen Anne (wearing a Diamond Tiara) and Queen Helen of Romania (in the Romanian Greek Key Tiara) and the Count and Countess of Paris (wearing the Sapphire Parure).

Other Royal Guests included Hereditary Grand Duke Jean and Hereditary Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxembourg (wearing the Belgian Scroll Tiara), Crown Princess Margrethe (in the Alexandrine Drop Tiara), Princess Benedikte (wearing her Floral Tiara), and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark (in Queen Ingrid’s Diamond Stars and her Aquamarine Pendant), Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands (in the Mellerio Ruby Tiara), Princess Irene of the Netherlands (wearing the Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara), Princess Sibylla (in the Connaught Diamond Tiara), Princess Margretha (wearing the Four-Button Tiara), Princess Desiree (in Princess Sibylla’s Diamond Bracelet Bandeau) and Princess Christina of Sweden, Crown Prince Constantine and Princess Irene of Greece (wearing the Greek Pearl and Diamond Necklace Tiara), Princess Andrew of Greece, Princess Irene, Duchess of Aosta (in her Diamond Tiara), Lady Kathrine Brandram (wearing Queen Sophie’s Diamond Circle Tiara), Princess Margarita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (in the Bolin Ruby Tiara), Princess Sophie of Greece and Hanover (wearing the Emerald Laurel Wreath Tiara), Prince George William of Hanover, Princess Marie of Greece, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (in the Cambridge Sapphire Parure), Princess Alexandra of Kent (wearing the Diamond Star Tiara), Princess Olga of Yugoslavia (in the Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara), Princess Eugenie of Greece (wearing the Radziwiłł Tiara), Princess Margretha of Denmark (in Princess Margaretha’s Floral Tiara),  Prince Michael of Greece, Infanta Pilar (wearing her Sapphire Tiara), the Duke and Duchess of Calabria (wearing the Diamond Comb), the Duke and Duchess of Württemberg (in the Small Diamond Tiara), the Duchess of Alba (wearing the ‘La Rusa’ Tiara), and a huge variety of Royal and Noble Guests from around Europe.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Ball of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sophia of Greece, 1962

  1. Is Princess Sibylla escorting Princess Alice, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother? It looks like that’s her in her nun’s habit. She was the widow of Prince Andrew of Greece who was an uncle of King Paul, Sofia’s father. I think Princess Anne was a bridesmaid at the wedding. Princess Sofia’s dress for the ball was very pretty and shiny, but her wedding dress was magnificent, shimmering greatly in the sun. I didn’t notice it for a long time because most photos I had seen were black and white. But when I saw a color photograph I was amazed by the lavish fabric of her simple dress!

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    1. Yes, that’s Princess Alice! Princess Anne was actually a bridesmaid at the Wedding of King Constantine a few years later, and it seems there weren’t any British representatives at this wedding higher than the Kents!


      1. Oh, of course! Princess Anne was too young in 1962! Princess Sofia used adult bridesmaids and not the children the British use. Cool!

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