The Jewels of Queen Sofia of Spain

Happy Birthday to Queen Sofia of Spain, who turns 80 today! To mark her milestone birthday, we have been taking a look at the Top Pieces from the jewellery collection of the Greek Princess who became the first consort of the restored monarchy of modern Spain!

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Spanish Fleur-de-Lys Tiara

Prussian Diamond Tiara

Spanish Floral Tiara

Mellerio Shell Tiara

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Cartier Pearl Tiara

Joyas de Pasar

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Diamond Earrings

Queen Victoria Eugenie’s Diamond Bracelets

Queen Frederica’s Ruby Pendant

Queen Sofia’s Wedding Necklace

Queen Sofia’s Niarchos Ruby Parure

Queen Sofia’s Emerald Parure

Queen Sofia’s Sapphire Parure

Queen Sofia’s Baguette Diamond Necklace

Queen Sofia’s Pearl Earrings

Queen Sofia’s Ruby Dove Parure

Queen Sofia’s Shell Pendant

Queen Sophia’s Star Sapphire Brooch

Queen Sofia’s Diamond Flower Brooch

Queen Sofia’s Montellano Earrings

Queen Sofia’s Omani Diamond Suite


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