The Real Camilla: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have given interviews in the new documentary: ‘The Real Camilla: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall,’ which also features interviews from their friends and family. The programme charts her journey from Debutante to Divorcée to Duchess, and offers a unique insight into the life of the future Queen Consort.


2 thoughts on “The Real Camilla: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I wonder if there will be a time when those who hate the Duchess of Cornwall realize that she’s a human being just like us, with faults and qualities, and not the horrible being they think she is. The late Princess of Wales was also a human being with faults and qualities, but those who hate the Duchess have somehow put her on a pedestal to where she is perfect. I think letting go of hatred is a very liberating thing. If the late PoW’s sons have accepted her, I think everyone should follow their example.

  2. Right…. Because her ex husband cheated on her, so in retaliation to her ex-husband, she chose to undermine the marriage of others. So enlightens, great inspiriational.

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